Video Poker

The Video Poker is a mixture of traditional Poker and Slot Machines Classic but online.
Info Casino Poker offers a variety of Slot Machines Poker from the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day.

Earn a matter of challenging the machines and not other players, unlike traditional poker.
The machine will deal five cards, now you have the opportunity to stay with as many cards as you think you are worth or change them.

By winning every round with a hand so low as a couple after the second division will receive a prize.
Winning at video poker is as simple as keep your cards and replace the bad good.
The game is perfect for beginners of Poker and you only have to worry about your hand, not by the dealer or any other person at the table.

The Video Poker on the network follows the same basis as traditional poker, the objective is to get the poker hand of five cards high as possible. First you must decide how much you want to bet and then deposit that amount in Video Poker Machine Online.
To do this, first you click on the desired amount in the lower right corner of the screen and then click on the storage area at the top.
You will see your ticket gets into the machine.

After selecting the value of the currency you want to play 25c, 1 €, 2 € or 5 €.
To increase or decrease the value of the coins, click the arrow buttons left or right arrow located respectively in the upper area of ​​the video poker machine.
Once your money is in the video poker machine you have the option to bet 1 to 5 coins.
Once you’ve chosen your bet click the DEAL button to get your 5-card hand.
Now you can choose how many cards you want to stay by selecting them with the left mouse button.
After distributing selected and replaced the cards that you have not been in case if any.
At this time it is your final hand.

Your final hand determines your winnings.

video poker

video poker

The Video Poker Strategy is knowing that all winning hands depend on the cards dealt at the beginning, you should consider the likelihood that there serves a winner in the next deal.