Roulette is a casino game with little strategy. The game is more about bankroll and management, making the right bets, and choosing games.

The American Roulette has 38 numbers including 0 and 00, so the casino has an edge of 5.26%.
European roulette has only 37 numbers (including 0, so the casino has an edge of 2.70%.
This means that it is advisable to play European roulette because the house edge is reduced by almost half. From here recommend playing European roulette.
More informasion in betting systems ….

Avoid bet 5 numbers 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3.
This bet gives the casino an advantage of 7.98%, while any other bet gives the casino an advantage of 5.26%.

2. See no good Roulette for hours trying to find a defect, since in most excellent condition Casinos maintain their Roulettes, and of course the perfect mantinen Online Casinos algorithm for their games.

3. Do not change the type of bet with every spin of the roulette.
The Wheel will select each number every certain amount of time, so your chances increase if you change more than ever number, see Pivot Strategy.

4. Manage your money considering an acceptable margin of profit or loss. If you reach one of those limits, stop playing for the rest of the day.



5. Do not drink and gamble at the same time. Focus on the game.